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A condition that some feral creatures in the furry community suffer from. Despite being four legs (therefore built like normal animals), they have somehow been born with (usually) over-sized gazongas on their upper chest. This definition is derived from the original huge-boobed version of skylanders Cynder, AKA Skynder. Also, what the FUCK were you thinking, Activision? There are Feminists who play that game with the emasculated and/or man-hating kids! Don't you know Feminists are allergic to huge tits? You should have pandered by making her a land whale, not a goth!!!
Oh, MY FUCKING GOD! Not another four-legged animal with Skynder Syndrome! I mean, COME ON! At LEAST give your characters PROPER anatomy!

*goes on the furry website and makes a journal*
Ugh, your community is so disgusting. Fuck this, I'm never logging into one of these damn furfag websites again! Yiff in hell, you little xenophiles.
*makes a journal two days later*
BAWWW! I'm sorry for being such a drama-causing little shit-stain! Please forgive me! #FurryDrama #:( #Sorry #Yiffisgreat
by Blarg-chicka-honk-honk June 02, 2017
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