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Receiving head after jumping out of an airplane. Containing ones sperm before the parachute releases. In essence, this is an accomplishment in itself.
"Dude, you hear Bret was chuting yesterday and got skydome?"
"No way dude thats wack!"
"Nah bro he was getting it wacked in the air"
by MichaelJames November 11, 2011
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The act of receiving oral sex while piloting an aircraft.

Not to be confused with the "MIle High" Club or getting your dong sucked while riding the plane. It is imperative that the receiver of Sky Dome is the pilot in command of the aircraft.
"Holy shit dude, I totally joined the Mile High Club over the weekend"
"Fuck that pussy shit, I got major Sky Dome from some tasty bitch after stealing my trust fund managers private jet."
by Flacid Beaver IIII May 12, 2009
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When a woman hangs by her feet on a ceiling fan, and proceeds to dome a bro, so she feels like she is in the sky.
bro, my slampiece gave me skydome yesterday, it was chill.
by chillest of the bros March 14, 2011
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