Usually a extremely sweaty player,which flexes and steals others zealots,This is usually people in full sup or other op gear,they may be also tryharding to get 1st in everything like carrots.They also have millions.
You a Skyblock Player Huh? Name everytime you said L "6hoursofsleep"
by VI Leader November 17, 2020
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That kid in my school that needs to grind but he’s toooooooo scared to do so. He’s combat 3. Bruhhhhhhh
by User1639 March 14, 2022
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A braindead person who's life is dedicated to the grind and who prefers +3 strength over all his family members together.
Mother: My son is a hypixel skyblock player.
Friend/Family member: Condolences.
by Mwrein March 4, 2021
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