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A lethal combination of smarts and fire power. This cybernetic genius can do everything you can do and more. He's got his own re-loaders and can link with his base to generate units from opening, and, every time you beat Sky Captain he gets a little tougher.
Sky Captain is unstoppable.
by Rory G2003 August 11, 2008
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Somebody who sits on a boat and lets the Captain know how the sky's looking and if there is any danger in his immediate vicinity. he also helps with the anchor and keeping the captain hydrated. He does everything like a beast.
Captain the sky is blue, but to the east we have some storm clouds forming and it looks like rain, better head in.

Hey i'll just get the Sky Captain to pull the anchor in i'm way too tired.

Sky Captain am I clear to turn around and punch it?
by ldoglover24 September 21, 2011
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