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Skunkfor4 describes a dumb, poor person from the south who is addicted to drugs and has no formal education. He or she most likely can not read or write. Skunkfor4 people also tend to be estranged from their nuclear family. They live off other people and end up in trouble, incarcerated, and eventually end up homeless. "Skunk" was another name for marijuana, and the "for4" was later added to describe how many people are always needed to contribute monetarily because he or she can not afford the small street price of marijuana. (Also known as Spunkfor4) because for the practice of prostition for drugs and board.
I really feel sorry for that skunkfor4. Someday Spunkfor4 will die of a disease from those shared needles on the streets.
by Jacqueline B. December 13, 2006
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