is coming.
"What's skulk?"
"It's coming."
"Silence, fool."
by Tritone November 22, 2011
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Skulk is coming!
Skulk is coming!
Skulk is coming!
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm girrl, dat bitch is coming."
by SkulkIsComing January 13, 2013
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to lurk or hang in dark areas.
John, stop skulking about you skulker!
by sanguellalella November 13, 2006
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An Alien in the game Natural Selection. Is small and easily killed, but quick, agile, and deadly with it's bites. Can also parasite opponents, making them visable behind walls. They can also explode in a suicide bomber manner.
That Skulk keeps 'siting us! Get rid of it!
by Macman March 25, 2005
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Skulking is best described as an act previous to the illegal infiltration of unsuspecting women, men or animals. Someone would skulk before doing something they will regret or is frowned upon in society.
Finn Hoolihan is 'skulking' around
by Tom Whitehouse January 23, 2007
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The act of scaling and traversing rooftops secretly and illicitly. Best done under the cover of darkness on public property. The glory of skulking is derived from the adrenaline rush associated with trespassing, so there is no need to combine roof skulking with other illegal activities, i.e. vandalism.
Will: "Susan and Kate plan to skulk all buildings on their college campus prior to graduation!"

Josh: "Wow, what intrepid skulkers!"

Will: "But wait, aren't some buildings unskulkable?"

Josh: "No. That's crazy talk."
by jkt et al January 31, 2009
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a shemale who has Uranism: arousal from person of same sex, they also use seman as a lube for anul sex acts, enjoys kissing the anus of other men and eating the crusty fecal matter that has dried around the anus like raisins.

also know as skulk0r, this version of the skulk is into Autopederasty: person inserting their own penis into their anus, they then self luse_k, has also been known to take hot salty man loads in the mouth from strangers.
"look at that guy sticking his cock up his own ass, holy shit what a skulk, hes hot!!"

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