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Adjective. Relating to the characteristics, particularly the accent, of those individuals whose bloodstream and intrinsic attributes have been heavily, and permanently, diluted by cheap, nasty and weak lager. To the point where any original, native aspects of the Skolwegian's personality are indistinguishable, but often have a celtic tinge.

Noun. A person with the above qualities.

Origins. Skol is a piss poor lager, favoured by hardcore alcoholics for it's suitability as a breakfast beverage - being, as it is, extremely cheap and good for settling the stomach before moving on to lunch time tipples such as Tennents Super or vodka.
"Did you see that Skolwegian on the bus, urinating in that pram..."

"Good morning Seargent, I'm the Skolwegian translator..."

"I couldn't understand a fucking word he said but judging by his Skolwegian tones I assume he wanted a pound for a cup of tea."
by BobbyLooga July 10, 2008
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