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Noun and Adjective: from the root meaning -
Homosexual Prison Love Slave
Proper Definition - One who is in prison, yet can't trade cigarettes for real makeup, takes the candy Skittles, licks the color candy coating, and applys the said color to face as makeup, prepareing ones self to be taken advantage of in the rectum by fellow prison inmates, but with no worrys, for said inmate feels pretty - ergo a "Skittlebitch".
1 NOUN-.As Ramone appllied the skittles color to his eyelids, he seemed to remember how Rob fancied green instead of orange, so he quickly washed of and re-appllied the green skittles, becasue Ramone wants this night to be perfect, after all what good is a skittlebitch if you can't even remember the small things that turn your man on.

2. ADJECTIVE- Damn uncle Jim, you aint nothing but a fuckin Skittlebitch!
by David Scott October 05, 2004
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2. n. (vulgar) A derogatory term for female who is annoying, rude, and tends to wear wears multi-colored clothing.
Red, White, Blue and Orange? Look at that tacky skittle bitch over there.
by Lorrnae May 25, 2008
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Noun: A person who does something galactically stupid at the airport, i.e., drops an open bag of Skittles on the security belt.
I almost missed my plane because I was behind a Skittlebitch who misplaced her boarding pass and wore lace up boots.
by Red Sue January 16, 2009
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