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Pronounced skite-alls. A popular game/past-time originating at Cavendish Castle, London. Bottles of beer are consumed which, once empty, form the "skiteles". One skitle per competitor is lined up at the start of the game. Skitles must be two inches apart. A tennis ball is then tossed at the skiteles from approximately 5 metres range. One bounce only is permitted prior to the "skite drop" (the moment the ball hits ths skiteles). If no skitles are knocked down a full bottle of beer is downed by the player with the toss(known as a "skitleleman") and that empty bottle is added to the game. For every skitele that is knocked down, one digit of beer is assigned to the other competing skitlemen. The winner is the last skitleman standing. If a skitleman is sick he is out of the game.
Colin: "Anyone for a game of skiteles?"
Robbie: "Aye, I'll play."
by Captain Skite April 04, 2009
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