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An agenda loosely similar to Skirtism, but defined with a broader construction. Its approach to Deuteronomy 22:5 focuses on the equality written into it, and that mankind is limited by that equality in any grant of authority to decide what articles of clothing pertain to whom or how to interpret the passage. Its main argument is that no human being deserves to be told what they can or cannot wear any more or less than another, especially on the basis of uncontrollable variables such as birth body sex. Whether it is a question of freedom of choice or lack thereof, the central idea remains one of equality across the board.

A male skirtarian is he who wears skirts with this agenda to stand for his prerogative to have this freedom, and knows that it is easily achievable to remain decent in a skirt.

A female skirtarian is she who makes her contribution to this agenda by wearing skirts and dresses exclusively, shunning pants, shorts, and other such bifurcated clothing until this equality is fully realized.
Bob and Jill started a colony dedicated to a grassroots movement for skirtarianism.
by KimberlyMarie September 09, 2008
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