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the skinhead chav types... well the skinhead chavs types are more just wannabee black men(who think they can rap) they try to rap but just speak jibba jabba and hope ppl will think their speaking real words!

though they pretend their straight,like for example in there gay rapping videos, when there's a woman in the video they either...
1.give her her own scene so they dont have to look.
2.put her behind all the other rappers so she isnt seen.

but while they try to put on a deep voice they all sound like gays,(calling them girls would be an insult to girls themselves!) and when everyone is not there they use there rap videos as replacement for porn!

though when they try to put on deep voice when they get angry sometimes you get glitches of there real gay like voice.also they all have this sort of terrets where they shout out fuck and shit for no apparent reason!
2 skinhead chavs talking.

"alright mate what u doing tonight?"(in pretend deep voice)

"ah mate i cant go out i gotta look after my little brothers"

"oh well ive just pulled katie price in tall trees!"(lie)(obviously)

"ah mate gotta go now"(constantly shaking leg like a sexual urge)

once in the chav then watches black men porn(rap) and puts ITS hands down ITS pants. so does his friend.
by jordan99259 October 26, 2005
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