From lightest to darkest...

Albino: No pigment, very very pale.

White: The average Caucasion.

Yellow: The average Asian.

Olive: Mediterannean/Middle-Eastern/Latino, a light tan.

Brown: The average Mexican.

Black: The average Negro.

Burnt: A very dark Negro.
Albino: Amy Lee
White: Britney Spears
Yellow: Lucy Liu
Olive: Jessica Alba
Brown: Jennifer Lopez
Black: Bill Cosby
Burnt: Mr. T
by Reggaetonist November 3, 2004
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Refers to a tan color of crayon.
White Boy: "Hey Demarcus, you should use the skin color crayon."

Demarcus: "Fuck you Ethan."

White Boy "Oops."

"OH BOY, am I excited to use my skin color crayon."
by WDOG November 24, 2019
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