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Skeetosis is a variation of the famous "ketosis diet," in a regular ketosis diet a person will intake a high amount of healthy proteins, a high amount of healthy fats and very low amounts of carbohydrates. The diet mimics aspects of starvation by forcing the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. In Skeetosis, you intake high amounts of protein and fats by eating at places such as McDonald's, Burger King, Jack-n-the-Box and Chik-Fil-A but only eating the burger patties and disposing of the bread. It also includes heavy alcohol consumptions of beer at Maggies pub on Tuesdays. The "Motto" behind the diet is, eat big, lift big and i you will get results. The diet is a noobs diet in the sense that it gives an excuse to binge and not to ever really see any results. The diet also is against any forms of Cardio because it is believed to hinder gains before shedding any body fat.
Angel: "Hey Josh have you had any results since you started ketosis."
Josh: "No i haven't lost any weight since i started, my diet includes a lot of meat patties from fast food places and some drinking during the week."
Angel: "No wonder, thats not Ketosis, thats Skeetosis."
by Delatorre March 22, 2011
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