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1. (Noun) The word used when an unattractive woman/girl is very promiscuous and has low sexual morals. Usually the type of person to fuck your boyfriend or Future boyfriend just because they are horny and crave attention.
Therefor leaving all the guys in your area unavailable because the good girls never know what they might catch sense the intended hubby went down skank Rhoads.

2. (noun) A girl who loves to give head.

Occasionally smells like fish.

1. Sara: Oh my Gosh, I really like this guy at school.

Amber: Who is it?

Sara: This guy named James, He's in my gym class.

Amber: WOAH!!! NO WAY! He's lives on Skank Rhoads.

Sara: CRAP! I should have asked that bitch first if she ever messed around with him!

2. Skank Rhoads is just one place you dont wanna go down!
by Bitch from Henry December 11, 2010
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by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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