1. A group of 40+ year old, beastly, alcoholic women who still troll the bars more than 3 nights a week, trying to party and act like they are college-age. Usually, they are overly-dramatic, jealous, bitter drunks that act like whores but cry because they don't know why they can't find a husband.

2. Group of old broads easily identified by their caked-on makeup, clothes that show off their fat rolls, and desperate wild-eyed glares as they cock-block guys from the hot girls thinking they have a shot instead. The leader is usually slightly attractive and hangs with the others because it makes her look 10x better. The rest of the uglies follow the leader to use as man-bait, hoping they'll get a wingman spot.
1. "Oh jeez, here comes the Skank Wagon. Don't these broads know this is College Nite?"

2. Joe was about hook up with that hot girl Tina till Betty and the Skank Wagon rode in. She started sloppy-grinding him while the wagon cock-blocked. Dude, she's like 42......as if!!
by Barry Dangle February 10, 2011
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1. A very slutty girl that has bitched too much, therefore being like a lot of skanks all in a wagon
Ashleigh quit bitchin you skank wagon
by pele marquez July 14, 2008
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