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Skagway is a one-mile-long town in Alaska with about 800 year-round residents. It is a popular tourist trap in the summer when many cruise ships come into port. Surrounded by mountains it is a small valley where more than ten thousand people used to live during the gold rush in 1898. There they were either robbed of their money, shot, or somehow made it over one of two passes to Dawson where most didn't find enough gold for their trouble.
Wow, Skagway's small

Tourist: It's so much warmer than I expected
Resident: Yeah
Tourist2: Do y'all live in igloos
Resident thinks: (sarcasm) Of course that's why we have all these buildings around us, so we can live in igloos.
Out loud: yeah but only in the winter
by 1529 August 01, 2008
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