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Sithism is the religion of the sith.
Any StarWars fan will know that the sith are awsome, so ive created a religion out of it.
Our God, so to speak, is Plagueis, lord of the sith! We hope you be redirected, oh great lord.
"I took a test yester day, they asked for my religion, so I said sithism..."
by StopMotion Gaming April 22, 2018
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1. Appearing to have a stick stuck up your ass.
2. Ranting and raving about conspiracy and cheating.
3. Having the quality of being delusional.
Mostly attributed to people playing the online game Lineage II on the Kain server.

God, that noob has a bad case of Sithism.
Nice argument, sithism imo
by Diotrophes April 26, 2007
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