To decide to avoid making a decision one way or another.
Girl 1: You coming to the movie with us?
Girl 2: No, she's coming to the club with us!
Girl 3: Umm, I need to think about this, I don't really want to have to choose.
Girl 1: She's just trying to sit on the fence.
by ZMan June 22, 2010
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existing in a state of uncertainty and ambivalency.
He's really sitting on the fence about his roommate—he might be a great guy, but he might be a real villain...
by Battlemonk September 27, 2005
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To invite someone round to sit on your fence and discuss turtles.
Penelope was a lovely girl, so Shaft gave her a call. “Sit on my fence” he said. After all, the newly erected fence was newly varnished, and he knew she’d appreciate it.
by Penelope Turtle December 25, 2018
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