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Two bestfriends who even though they fight will be sisters for life. When life gets tough they go through it together. They share everything with each other even when its hard to say. When one has a secret the other is the first to know. They have each others back and they laugh over stupid things. They share inside jokes no one could ever understand. If one is down the other is there to make them feel better. Always there for each other NO MATTER WHAT. Someone you will love forever. <3
Steph: hey sis how are you?
Emily: horrible today has been the worst day ever.
Steph: can you at least smile?
Emily: no its practically impossible
Steph: smile never stop smiling, smile your heart out, smile and turn something bad into something good, if you cant, ABSOLUTELY cant then i will be there, i will cry with you and I will smile with you, i wont let you down as long as im alive, i wont let him.... Or anyone change who you really are you are perfect in every way dont change who you are and never NEVER stop smiling :) <3
Emily: (: thanks sis <3
Steph: sisters forever?
Emily: sisters forever
by Thenames_hitt January 27, 2013
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