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When your status on Facebook is "it's complicated"
Dude I'm going to hang out with Ashley tonight.
Don't you have a gf?
I'm single-ish
How so?
I don't know ask Facebook.
by Parolee February 14, 2010
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I philosophy/lifestyle on love and relationships in which one remains single in the sense of not entering any kind of committed relationship but continues to date and enjoy non-platonical relationships with not intentions to start one. They do not want to simply have sex with people or they would just be a player.

They are crucially open about their desires and do not lead anyone into thinking they mean to commit more than they do.
Preston's so cute, is he single?

I've heard he's singleish.
by SuperMaligan May 06, 2018
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Single but hooking up with other people
I'm single-ish, like I went out with Jake last night and Trevor the night before that, and Josh last friday, etc.
by soldiergirl April 17, 2008
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