Dave Gahan. Formerly known as a lead singer only, but on Playing the Angel (2005 album) he penned three superlative songs: Suffer Well; I Want it All; and Nothing's Impossible, along with Martin L. Gore's always painfully beautiful songs.
Dave Gahan also released his first solo album, Paper Monsters, in 2003. Highly recommended if you are a true DM or Dave fan.

Dave Gahan
David Gahan
Sexy Man
Personal Jesus
Martin L. Gore
The Depeche Mode lead singer/co-songwriter is Dave Gahan. Martin L. Gore is also equally talented because he is also in Depeche Mode. He is DM's lead songwriter and co-singer. That's why I love Depeche Mode a lot.
by Stella Luna January 23, 2006
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A person who sings, writes and produces their own music.
Shabnam is considered a singer-songwriter because she writes and sings her own songs.
by thecharacterwannie December 4, 2022
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