kickass canadian band


i swear to god, u pple have only herd their mainstream mus, n its their non mainstream thats good.
honestly, its only cus their mainstream u hate them. like, for example, taking back sunday , r going mainstream, give it 2 yrs n everyone will hate them

therefore listen to all simple plan's or any band for that matter music before effing judging and commenting them

by angeXx September 06, 2006
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A Canada-based pop band that originated in Canada in 2000-ish. Though many people hate them and others love them, they have had much mainstream success ever since their first single, "I'd Do Anything" was released. Most people believe they don't deserve the mainstream success because of what their music resembles. Not only is that all, but what is really a mystery is how their fans label them as "punk" and not "pop". The reason for this is because Simple Plan's dress code is black shirt, black pants, etc. This results in confusion on which genre they fit into (Same goes for Good Charlotte). So, because of that, people from all over the world assume Simple Plan is a punk band because of their black braceletc, etc. One reason may be to hide from the fact that they are an emo band. Though it does seem logical, no other emo band has had their fans disapprove of them being emo (except, of course, Good Charlotte). Also, another reason leading why we cannot call Simple Plan a punk band is because..well.. What they sing for. The Sex Pistols would never say "I'm sorry I can't be perfect". In conclusion, Simple Plan is a poser band.
Hey guy's, did you hear the new Simple Plan song?

You mean that emo song I heard on the radio? Yeah.
by Subcon July 11, 2006
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The best band ever! I love them and i'm obsessed with them and they're my most favorite band ever! They rocked in the Noise To The World Tour 2005, along with Good Charlotte, and Relient K as a guest (Even though i dont really know any Relient K songs.) I saw them in concert in Indanapolis at the Pepsi Coliseum on May 8, 2005 (Mother's Day)
Simple Plan is the best band in the whole world.
by Chase May 28, 2005
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I love Simple Plan. Most people think they write about they're own life when they don't. Simple Plan writes for their fans. Many children have fathers that want them to grow up and do whatever they want them to do, and if they do differently the fathers become upset, that is what the song "Perfect" is about. Nobody in Simple Plan are mad at their fathers. One of Simple Plan's friends were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver, that was what the song "Untitled" (How Could This Happen To Me) was about. I think they are a great band and are given to much grief by people that don't like them. What I don't understand is, if you don't like them then why are you typing about them? And I doubt Simple Plan gives a crap about what you think of them. I won't curse people that don't like them, that is their opinion, I disagree with it, but that is their opinion. Anyway, Simple Plan is a great band that donate to a lot of charitble events, and they do not complain about their lives at all. I wouldn't call them punk or rock, Simple Plan classifies themselves a great band.
Friend: Have you heard that Untitled song by Simple Plan?
Me: Yeah, why?
Friend: All Simple Plan wants to do is complain.
Me: What are you talking about? That song isn't about them.
Friend: Yeah right, Then what's it about?
Me: Simple Plan wrote that song because one of their friends died in a car accident with a drunk driver. Have you even seen the music video?
Friend: No.
Me: Yeah, well maybe you should, why don't you find out a little about them before you make quick judgemental comments. You jerk!
Friend: Wow I feel like crap.
Me: Yeah well maybe you should.
by Jennifer DeV. April 18, 2007
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A great five person band; lead vocals: Pierre Bouvier, Guitar: Sebastien Lebouveve(or i dunno how to spell it)and Jeff Stinco, Bass:David Desrosiers, Drums: Chuck Comeau. they have two CDs; No pads, no helmets...just balls, and Still not getting any. Lots of great songs: most popular (which arnt better than the others) are shut up, im just a kid, perfect,welcome to my life.
You know the bass player in simple plan? David Desrosiers? oooooooooohhhhhh man he is soooo sexy.
by Muchacha March 05, 2005
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Simple plan dont sing that great, but they have more talent than the people who post how lame they are. Simple plan is famous, and are the losers who type out "I hate simple plan they shood die!!"? No. Simple plan is better then they'll ever be... unless they become a doctor, or have a better/more famous band then them....
John: "Simple plan sux. they should die."
Tina: "At least they dont make a living pumping gas!"
by Lilah October 03, 2006
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