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Originated from the word "Beets", Silvabeets is something used to describe something, or someone with douchy characteristics. Most commonly used in the state of Iran, but originated in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a word no one had heard of before because it was sacred and was un-holy to say. When the famous explorer Imple Figgins came out of Thailand on a successful expedition finding heaps of adamantium he picked up this word because of all the hoodlums he had heard using it. It is now also used in PA, RI, FL, AL, MI, GA, QRST, OR, WA, VA, TX, and last but not least, CA.
Alexander: Romo's capri pants, aviator sunglasses, and army jacket are hella Silvabeets.

Garrett: I am a flaming homosexual!

Alexander: That has nothing to do with this lol now scram because your really pissing me off today.

Romo: I am hella Silvabeets.
by A.K.A The Russian April 28, 2010
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