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A name recently applied to Lily Allen due to the idiotic statements she has made on a variety of subjects. Supposedly a singer, she is in reality a female Russell Brand; a brain dead member of the chattering classes suffering from acute princess syndrome, she is so full of her own piss and wind she feels that she has the right to criticise democratic processes in other countries.

She has made a number of statements so ridiculously uninformed as to be moronic and had to withdraw them from the public domain. This does not, however, stop her constant whining about the election of Donald Trump in the USA (which incidentally in fuck all to do with her) nor her failure to say anything about the tyrannical actions of Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

A typical luvvie with a declining career, she has a lot to say (none of which is worth listening to) but does SFA to address the so-called wrongs she bleats about. In short a rather stupid creature who, because of her minor celebrity status has never had to grow up and deal with the real world.
Silly Lily, the epitome of a fuckwitted female Malcolm.
by AKACroatalin January 29, 2017
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