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An ancient variation of the modern "silly" with it's origins in second century Macedonia. It is believed to be closely linked with sediment in the form of Silt. Often used by those with a superior vocabulary as a means to demean those foolish enough to believe a spelling mistake was made.
Distinguished Chap: "I say you oaf, stop behaving in such a sillt manner."

Serf: "Derp!"

Distinguished Chap: "HA!"

Serf: "Derp?"

Distinguished Chap: "Look it up you dasypygal, jumentous, napiform, oligophrenial zoophyte"

Serf: "Derp."
by PueFECK August 01, 2010
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1. Somethin that is cool, awesome, FRIGGIN PIMPED! Lol.
2. Expression of excitement.
1. "Man, I tapped that bitch." "Fucking sillt, yo."
by Tha gurl December 11, 2005
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