The only player hater in the Player Haters' Ball that actually knows how to hate; the rest are all stupid and lame.
Buc Nasty: Man you oughtta take that cane and beat whoever made that suit to death.

Pit Bull: Why don't you vacuum that coat, man?

Silky Johnson: Well, well, well! the most diabolical haters this side of the Mississippi. Buc Nasty, what can I say about that suit that hasn't already been said about Afganistan? It looks bombed out and depleted. And of course the so-called "Beautiful." Why don't you click your heels together three times and go back to Africa? And as for you, Boss Hogg, very insulting what you said about my coat. It's made out of your mother's pubic hair. Quite shitty.

Beautiful: Silky mink made out of 100% rat ass!

Silky Johnson: That of course was Beautiful talking. Beautiful on the weekends does stunts for Little Richard in gay movies.
by A7XDeathbatGNR January 24, 2007
A Playa Hater played by Dave Chappelle on Chappelle's Show that attends the Playa Hater's Ball. Is the Playa Hater for 2002 and 2003.
I've heard her(Kelly Osbourne) song Papa Don't Preach. I've got a song for her it's called Daughta Don't Sing- Silky Johnson
by James Bond! September 8, 2004
Alcoholic beverage, named for Dave Chappelle's character on his eponymous television show. Contains apple juice and schnapps (preferably cinnamon to ensure a silky aftertaste) mixed with liberal amounts of vodka (to make the drink live up to its player-hater namesake).
Once I drink this Silky Johnson, I'll be a shoo-in for hater of the year!
by kellzodiac February 25, 2010
You start masturbating with a little dab of lotion and when you cum you rub the semen into your foreskin, leaving a silky and smooth texture. Until it dries...
I got lonely last night, so I gave myself a Silky Johnson
by Silky Johnson? March 26, 2009
arose from the player hater of the year, Silky Johnson. Denotes a dapper-dressing man, usually sporting polyester. Always ready with a witty quip to defame someone.
"That nigga'z a reel silky johnson."

"Bucknasty, what can i say about that suit that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan.. It looks bombed-out and depleted.." -Silky Johnson
by jimmy j souf side STL July 4, 2004