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The valley in Northern California formerly known as Santa Clara Valley. Orchards dotted the landscape, and when they bloomed each year, the place was known as the "valley of the heart's delight." Now it's better known for its software, hardware, Web sites, intellectual property, venture capitalist investors, and so on. Silicon Valley is what the admirers may call it, but sometimes all this tech hype nonsense make it sound more like SiliValley.
Dude A: Did you read that latest post on TechCrunch?
Dude B: No, bro, I don't do SiliValley.

Dude C: So, I hear that Twitter might be going public soon.
Dude D: Go back to SiliValley, dude. And make sure to buy some stock. I hear it's cheap.

Dude E: Where are all the chicks here in SiliValley?
Dude A: I'm gonna write a blog post about that.
Dude B: (busy staring at laptop screen)
Dude C: (busy tapping at cell phone)
Dude D: Uh... Yeah... (returns to playing computer game)
by drewda March 29, 2010
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