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A girl you have fallen in love with and want to spend the rest of your life with.
Person 1: Man this is like my 100th girlfriend, what should I do?
Person 2: Find yourself a Sila bro.
by AnonymousAnonymousGuy March 07, 2009
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The most amazing guy in the world. Sweet, funny, charming. He's everything a girl could want and more. He loves video games, and is a complete gentleman. He will put his whole heart into everything he does. He is so nice, and is always genuine and true. Not to mention he is so amazingly gorgeous.
"Wow, that guy is so nice, he must be a Silas."
by iloveyou251211 November 04, 2011
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A very unique individual who is sweet. He makes good food and treats you well. He is handsome and funny.
My honey is such a Silas!
by NewtyJ January 23, 2006
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A god of life. Better than a Koen, or a beast, or anything. Just hearing the name makes someone cry with joy.
EWWWW... that guy is a Koen but john is such a Silas!!!!
by gar11 November 01, 2010
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Silas is sweet handsome and will treat you wright! He is a little shy at first but after you get to know him he is the best! He is so funny and will do about anything for you. He knows when to stop being mean and will protect you! He is not afraid to show emotion an will be there for you!
Silas is the best!
by Ballzly91 June 04, 2018
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A person who can't get enough of women, and vagina .
he lives in vagina house.
Mother: My boys such a silas, HE REEKS OF VAGINA!
by NWA6667 August 13, 2009
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