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A girl who is very lovable. She is extremely intelligent, witty, adventurous and loves music. This girl has the ability to make anyone smile or laugh for as long as she wants to! She's also very beautiful and extremely friendly. Her friends love her for her ability to have fun and her sense of humor. Her nickname is probably Sig or Siggy.
Sigouney is cool.
by afriend2u May 06, 2013
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girls thats a siren on the rocks,
she inspires the predator animal nature of a male primal sex drive
the reasons the are wars, one man can be in her presence of seconds and kill a thousand men to protect her
her ancestor was the secret weapon of samson, he other ancestor was helen of troy, looks like a bad bitch, really just need a hug, however all the erections are what prevent this from occurring, her personality is one of innocents like goku because shes a fighter and teaser, great girl!!
Sigouney will show you a target your dick will try reach for
Sigouney is a real woman

Sigouney is a true warrior
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