Siennamae is not the best person because she r@@ped jack write multiple times when he wasn't comfortable with it and she broke into his apartment multiple times and stalked him she is currently at exactly 14 million but I think she deserves 0
Siennamae is a r@@pist
by °^° January 26, 2022
A sexual assaulted who did one of her tricks on jack right and went into his house while hee was showering and sexually assaulted him
by QuennJiafei January 24, 2022
Sienna Mae is a amazing sweet kind 16 year old tiktoker, she is beautiful and a is amazing and Encouraging at body positivity. Sienna user name is Siennamae or siennnamaegomezz
My tt user is tinyacorn I’m a FP of her!
by Tinyacorn January 3, 2021