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Siechtum is a Industrial EBM project, by mich (und meinem menschkind Joachim Sobasik.) We make really good music, ranging from harsh EBM to dance EBM. We like to make music to releave stress in our long days of working at the chocolate factory. I'm also in a project, other than Siechtum, called L`ame Immortelle. We are really cool, and the girl in the band, Sonja, forces me to buttfuck her everynight. Sometimes I just like to get away from it all (because it hurts putting your cock in some obese girls asshole) and make different music, called Siechtum, with Joachim Sobaziak.
Wir sind die winter unser zeit ein sturm der swango zum vert ein nicht wir sind die frying diese zeit wir sind die wright in dunkleheit.
by Thomas Rainer August 03, 2004
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