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A Picture of a male "Nut Sack" from the side... i.e. as in Side Boob...
Dude! that's a hairy sidenut!
by Mongozaz June 29, 2011
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that terrible scent that effects your testicles and gooch area, when you dont take a shower or after you work out.
:dude are u crashing at my place?
:yeah but im gonna have side nuts in the morning!
:eww nevermind then!
by ov3rthr0w February 21, 2008
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When you are early on the trigger and bust a nut between positions and keep going like nothing happened.
I banged Stacy for like an hour but I busted a sidenut 10 minutes in.
by hsdbears2175 December 31, 2016
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