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A person who is addicted to being sick (not the actual act of vomiting) this person will lunge from one illness to another ,some will go as far as to seek surgery. Whether the addiction is truly to being sick or is more related to being rescued and or not being expected to perform, function, or be personally responsible for oneself -- to the the by-products of being sick -- can be difficult for even professionals to assess in some cases. The sickaphile will love talking about their ailments, they post "sympathy selfies"even tweeting or posting to Facebook right up to and after operations. A sickaphile may fake or exaggerate symptoms to obtain what they want and further their plan for treatment, when a doctor actually finds something wrong a sickaphile will be greatly excited and latch on to the "diagnosis" they will "Google" the diagnosis, research and join online forums etc if they do not posses a particular symptom, they will simply fake it, they immerse themselves fully in their "condition" and usually will have more than one ongoing condition at a time, if there is a period of "good health" it is short lived. The sickaphile will be eagerly looking for a new ailment. The reason for someone enjoying ill health is unknown. The sickaphile may be unaware of their behavior. If the sickaphile is talking about him/herself they are in their element, always willing to talk about whatever illness they are currently in the midst of, and it will always be the worst case scenario!
"Hannah seems to always be unwell, its as if she actually enjoys being ill"
"yeah dude i think Hannah is a sickaphile for sure"
by cornishpastie December 13, 2014
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