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n: Anything amazing that comes unexpectedly, whether it is class getting cancelled, a new keg shows up at a party, or an abundance of hot girls appear at a bar (Chicago).

(also pronounced SEOCK DEOP)
I thought she wanted nothing to do with me, but then she asked me upstairs. SICK DIP.
by Bobby April 14, 2005
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Sick Dipping has become a uk renound sensation...
A sexual action in wich a man is oraly pleasuring a woman, only to feel sick due to any circumstance ie. Beer, drugs or the smell. The man throws up onto the womans vagina and then has intercourse with her straight away creating the renound word sick dipping.
Harry"mate I'm reet drunk just been sick on that birds gash and shagged her straight after"
Tet" mate you just sick dipped that sket lol"
by tetbeast October 01, 2009
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