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H5N1 Bird Flu after it evolved (at Qinghai Lakes in China) into the most lethal strain of virus. It is a "killing machine" that kills all manner of animals and is sweeping the world.
"Sichuan Sheet is estimated to have already killed over twenty thousand Chinese, millions of cows, pigs, monkeys, dogs, cats, and over one hundred million birds of all varieties."

"Yes, of all the Bird Flu strains, it is the worst, by far!"
by Joe Neubarth February 27, 2006
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Named after the region in China where H5N1 Bird Flu crossed over into all manner of animals (and humans) and killed them after an outbreak at Qinghai Lakes.

When that happened, the Chinese tried to cover it up by claiming it was "Streptococcus Suis" a (mild bacterial infection that usually does not kill) To honor their "SS" the term "Sichuan Sheet" was coined to highlight the coverup attempt. A sheet is a thin coverup that can be seen through.

Sichuan Sheet is the highly lethal post Qinghai Lakes strain of Bird Flu that is killing humans to the west and south of China.
Those people in Turkey and Iraq are all dying of Sichuan Sheet. When are they going to get a vaccine?
by Joe Neubarth March 02, 2006
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