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A Siberian mudslide can be performed via multiple sexual positions and among both heterosexual and homosexual partners, however doggystyle is the preferable position for maximum value. It is also recommended that you ingest a large helping of horse laxatives approximately 30-40 minutes before sex. After ejaculating onto your partner's back (preferably as high as possible without entering the neck area), quickly point your anus onto the semen that you've just laid and defecate as much as possible before your partner moves. Your partner will quickly realize what is transpiring, causing him or her to quickly jump up, thus causing the whitish-brown semen feces explosion to slide down his or her back, thus resembling an icy mudslide in Siberia.
Mike 1: Yo you'll never guess what I did to my wife last night!

Mike 2: Dude what???

Mike 1: I took 30 grams of pure bear laxatives, came on her back and gave her a good old Siberian mudslide.

Mike 2: Dude no way, let me get some of those laxatives and I'll try it tonight!
by Mike and Mike the Accountants February 10, 2017
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