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a thing you can do with your hand if you put your middle finger on top of your first finger and then put your thumb below your your first finger. it looks like a duck now. but it’s not a duck. it’s a SIAMON. you have now made a living creature that lives in a society with other siamons that are all named based off of the time the species first existed. for example: a random siamon would be named something like siamon #3,98,764,82 because he is in fact the three billionth ninety eight millionth seven hundred and sixty four thousandth and eighty second siamon ever born. i’m not quite sure how they had kept track of the species since it was first created, but who cares about logic amirite up top
Person 1: who is the hottest female celebrity in america
Person 2: siamon #3,98,764,62
Person 1: wow I would have said the exact same thing. she is hot af
by 👵 August 07, 2018
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