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SiHanChul is a threesome nickname given by fans of South Korean Boy Group, Super Junior. SiHanChul consists of members, Hangkyung, Heechul, And Siwon. The reason for this is because within the three, multiple couples are formed. Usually with another as a third wheel. Most of the time, Heechul is the bottom with Siwon and Hangkyung fighting over Heechul. Or multiple cases of scenario where Heechul is with one and the other get's jealous. Until the subgroup Super Junior M was formed. This caused a turn of events where instead, Hangkyung and Siwon formed a couple. Most fans put the three together though. Siwon noticeably being the third wheel quite often. Even in other couples within Super Junior also. Such as, SiEunHae.
Fan 1: "Did you see that SiHanChul moment in their new music video?
Fan 2: "I know right! It was perfect."
by Rawrs_Hearts_Yooh December 10, 2010
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