Sis you fishy means when someone’s coochie stank and you gotta be like hey sis you fish
Rebeca was sitting at the table and she opens her legs and a waft of her fishy filled ur nostrils so you said “Sis you fishy”
by Spillingsisterfax December 09, 2019
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SiYing is a very shy girl but once you meet her you realize she's a crazy loving fun girl. She has a passion for music and is known for her beauty. Most guys would want to ask for her number but some are scared to be rejected by such pretty girl. She may seem like a bubbly always happy person but she may be going through some hard times by herself. She never wants to ask for help and will always try to find a solution herself. She never cries in front of anyone or that would mean to her that she lost her dignity. She loves her family and never judges anyone or talks bad behind anyone, she never lets hate take over her and when anyone does her wrong she won't hate them but instead she will forgive them. Si Ying can never be serious even during serious times, that causes her to lose friends and Si Ying would cry at night and act happy in front of others.
"Si Ying always looks happy but I caught her crying at night and she seems so broken"
by Dipsy_Wipsy September 16, 2021
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Shore Sis is simillar to when you say I doubt that. It means that when someone says something that you don't believe or doubt you say shore sis.
Person 1- I am litterally obbsesed with Slime.
Person 2- Shore sis
by sy_urbandictonary12 January 11, 2021
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A word used in the same context as epicness.
That place was overflowing with epic-sis-ity! Also see dubya speak
by mooby muffen June 30, 2010
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An amazing piece of music made by the one and only rice gum and that hot girl Alyssa violet. This song is a response to Jake paul(a secret pedophile) some Spanish man's and a random guy from the city of England's song every day bro.
Wow that every night sis girl is hot
by Compton July 01, 2017
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Something you say to your friends over relatable topics.
Most of the topics are over guys, exes, or just stupid things in general.
Credits to creators of this definition... Alexandra Mackenzie and Hannah
Feel free to add us, the crackheads on Snapchat
-Alexandra (Alley) @alley_t03
-Mackenzie @mackenzie4125
-Hannah @hannahpilgrim16
A: He's such a confused boy.
M: Confused is an understatement.
A: ~issa mood sis~
by crackheadlife101 November 22, 2019
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