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a pretty funny girl with lots of friends, very nice to everyone even people they hate. Also very smart everyone likes them and they are far from a slut or a sket but like to dates boys .Effortlessly beautiful. She carries herself with grace and poise.can be underestimating of themselfs but never of others confident bold outspoken and truely an Amazing person with a heart that cares for all. A true friend who is loyal to the bone.

a person who loves and lives life to the fullest withs risks. A beautiful girl inside and out, who is quite sexy at times. shynell has an amazing yet funny personalty, and is very shy with some people. She loves her family and friends ALOT, and Chanelle loves looking at the positive side of life. She treats everyone with respect, even people she dislikes and who dislikes her .

Shynell is an Amazing friend, and without someone like her your life wouldn't be funny exciting enjoyable or as memorable
shynell is soo pretty ; nice;cute;funny;hot;gangsta;loyal;graceful;beatiful;loving;kind;cool; i wish i could be like her
by spongebobsqaurpants November 04, 2011
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