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Shyma is the goddess of lust. She draws your attention with her luscious locks and temps you with a forever red on her lips.

When a girl looks at a handsome hunk she goes like" Oh I wish i could pull off a Shyma on that piece of sexy meat".

Shyma has often been referred to in greek mythology as the Man who hated himself and got a sex change (yup in those times medical technology was freakin advanced). The man was obsessed with boobs and got giant boobs with flashing lights.
One every Greek new year, the Greeks release Shyma balloons with giant tits for 3 consecutive days to celebrate her beauty.

The alternative meaning of Shyma is Divine Orgasm.
Oh My God I just had a Shyma!

Why can't I have a Shyma!!??
by CrypticaLystic August 20, 2011
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