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Shyee is one of the most versitile words on the planet today, Shyee pronounced (shh-eh) or (shhhh-eeehhhhheeeeeee) in some cases, can replace any part of speech in the english language, and or word at any time, as a way of shortening a conversation as a form of short-hand communication when the subject is confidential, or just could be simplified by a little shyee. But shyee also has a few more common, and direct uses/definitions. Like if it is used as a posessive noun being used to describe a situation, it usually means that you want to go get drunk, and or play video games all night long with some of your shyee's.
1. Hey Eric! Me and the Shyee's want to go shyee some shyee later you wanna shyee?

2. Boys, were gonna get so shyee tonight.

3. Shyee?

4. I was shyee, so she shyee'd my shyee until i was very shyee and then i shyee'd all over her shyee.


6. Awh gross, it smells like shyee in here.

7. SHYEE, shyee shyee shyee, i shyee'd and then some shyee my shyee.

8. Codi SHYEE!!!

9. She's pretty shyee.

10. im Shyee! not jewish!
by Micheal Whitlock June 12, 2011
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