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1). Shy Anus refers to any situation where the colon becomes stressed, embarrassed, and struggles to relieve itself.
“My new boyfriend and I moved in together and I had shy anus for a week!”
by Mr. Moxie June 27, 2019
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Persons who are scarred or embarrassed to fart or poop in public
Jeremiah was out on a date with a girl he had met online, things had been going good until the cheese soup he had ate at dinner started to make him bloated and gassy, not wanting to release said gas infront of the new girl for fear of making an unsavoury sound or smell he experienced "shyanus"

When you're out with friends and you go to a someone's house who you don't really know and they only have one bathroom but you really have to poop, you might experience shyanus
by Hot lettuce March 19, 2017
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