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Pronounced (Shoot-new-ka) meaning a word so terrible that it must avoid being used. It was un-heard of until recently it was discovered in an underwater cavern off the coast of Africa. African tribes used the word (shoonoo) to describe their feelings of hate towards something or someone. It has since been developed into the word Shutenook. Many people don't yet know the word put it should not be used in public for it is highly offensive to people who do no it. It is a combination of a rude vulgar threat, and modern day curse words. It is said to be worse than using, S***, F***, and B*** at once. Use it only at very necesarry moments. It is similar to calling a black person the "N" word. Only worse.
Todd, you're such a shutenook.

I swear, if you insult me one more time I am going to shutenook your mom so hard.
by W-A June 05, 2009
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