Shunsuke is a kind-hearted man who has an adorable smile. Shunsuke can be very patient person but don't test his patience because even the nicest person in the world's patience has a limit. Shunsuke is a strong-minded person who lives his life peacefully with a good self-discipline. Once you come across Shunsuke, you would be so stupid to leave him because he is everything that you are searching for.
Thank you for being nice until the end, Shunsuke.
by Pipikachubby November 23, 2021
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I like to shunsuke
I heard she went shunsuking yesterday
She shunsuked yesterday
by Enooooopi March 29, 2019
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"Hey man have you seen Shunsuke Akagi?"
"Nobody has seen him, he's been drowning in pussy for weeks."
by Thespork10009 October 19, 2014
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Do you know him?”
Yes, he is Shunsuke Nakamura, a really nice guy.”
by Pipikachubby November 23, 2021
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