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The Epitome of spiciness and zestiness, this is the friend who does literally nothing but always has the right memes so it's all good
You can't be mad, he's just a Shuma.
by b-tec slave March 02, 2018
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She is an example of a warrior, an inspiration and one of the bravest out there. Shuma is someone who has many battles to fight, but that doesn't mean that lets that get in the way of family, love and compassion. She is someone of a big heart and is someone, who loves with the most passion and puts her family above her. People tend to get jealous of her good looks (Mash'Allah) and her warm heart, but she never lets hate get in her way. If you have Shuma you have to know she is a rare gem and diamond and you must take care of her as she doesn't need anyone hurting her. She is a rare gema and the out most loving person you will find, who always know what's best.
WOW! You have a Shuma in your life, take care of her.
Isn't she just a shuma! How rare.
She's so Shuma for such an kind warm hearted cat.
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