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The name given to one of the most alcoholic people in this world who drinks until he is red in the face (literally) , and then tries to deny his drunkness when its an obv that he's fucked up outta his mind and is at the point of extreme unconsciousness that he often chooses to roll on the ground or fall asleep on couches while others taunt him in his sleepyness. Sometimes he even tries to ride bikes, but I mean comeon if you arent allowed to drink and drive then drinking and ridig a bike should be illegal too. like DWR (Drinking While Riding). The term ShumShum should only be given as a name to others who also act in these same childish manners.
Joe: "Holy shit what is that kid doing ?"
Don: " He's rolling on the floor, and his face looks like a tomato that's freshly grown on a beautiful farm by the farmer and his family!"
Joe: " Wow , what a ShumShum"
by don4294 December 05, 2010
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