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Hot hunk who drives ur mind wild n soul crazy..sweet,funny and addorable on the other side, allowing his flirtatious nature to be well hidden and used as a secret weapon against the unsuspecting victims of his charm !
by just sum1 September 10, 2005
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Shuaib is a wonderful. His smile is contagious and lights up the room. He is amazing, perfect, incredible boy who any girl would be lucky to date. He's the type of guy who reminds you that he loves you, and isn't at all afraid to say it. He is such a daddy in general. He is boyfriend material from head to toe.

Sometimes Shuaib is a bit of a sarcastic tough asshole but under all of that is a kind marshmallow that is very loving and companionate. Who ever ends up dating or marrying him must be a lucky young women.
Chloe- Omg who is that

Dan-oh yeah that’s Shuaib

Chloe- dan you should be more like Shuaib then I would date you
by Gdbtdgtddgf November 24, 2018
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This name is usually for dark skin niggers, who think they are good at basketball, lightskin sweetie, and get bare bitchez. Shuaib is also extremely bad at all subjects, and struggles to get an average above 15%.
WOW! That's so Shuaib!
by 6ix6od May 27, 2016
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