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A shrimpachiever is someone who is very short, but overachieves in their respective profession to certain point. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is a prime example of this. He is seemingly an effective quarterback, but then you realize he can't see over his offensive line and his success is predicated on if he can make an improbable, 360 degree spin out of a defender's grasp followed by a crazy, off balanced throw down field. He can only get you so far. He's a shrimpachiever. Other shrimpachievers include Boston Celtics Isiah Thomas, Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington, former Washington Husky Nate Robinson and CeeLo Green.
"You see the game yesterday?"
"Yeah, Russ looked overmatched again, I could literally see his eyes welling up in the 3rd quarter...what a shrimpachiever."
by Bloke G May 19, 2017
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