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Shrek Philosophy

Philosophy on Shrek. Take any quote and then change it around with Shrek or create your own. It must have a deep meaning or some insight into life.

And when the angel Shrek gave unto The Farqaads the tools to build the new swamp, they did so without hesitation. For Eighty-Five years, they prepared the way of the lord. But when the great Fiona came he brought War with him and the fields of the swamp were soaked with the blood of brothers. The only Emancipation he had to offer, was death by onion.

What exactly was the great Shrek, emancipating the donkey from? From his daily puss, from the nobility of honest days work, from wealthy ogres who sponsored them from cradle to grave. Front clothing and shelter and what have they done?, Why go to the Swamp and you shall find out. No ogre is born free, except the white Shrek, and it is our burden to care for the rest of creation.
Shrek Philosophy examples:

Why do you ask Shrek when the delicious question is Shrek? The only difference between Shrek and Puss in boots. Shrek, Shreked, will Shrek. Donkey, donkeyed, will Donkey. If we could perceive Shrek as it really was... what reason would grammar Shreks have to get out of bed? Like us all, Lady Shrek exists across time. Shrek is both alive and dead. Shrek perceives being both. Shrek finds this condition... disagreeable.

Man 1:Man have you heard about the Shrek Philosophy class at Harvard?
Man 2: Yeah dude, it's the best class ever! I would take it again if I could.
by WarGreymon August 08, 2014
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